Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions along with corresponding answers.

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About Moneyready

Moneyready is an independent, online financial education platform for young people aged 7-18. Incorporating interactive activities, games, stories, videos and quizzes, Moneyready prepares young people to face their financial future with confidence.

Moneyready is an independent education platform owned and developed by Helen Driver, founder and owner of Moneyready Limited.

The platform is designed for children aged 7-18 years, for use both at home and in school. Teachers, schools and parents each have their own individual logins to oversee the work and performance of students and children.

Moneyready is free for schools. Email from your school email to be set up today. Moneyready offers 3 different licences: one for Primary schools covering the 7-11 years programme, one for Secondary schools, 6th Forms and colleges covering both 11-14 and 14-18 year programmes, and a Home subscription for individual student use. Detailed prices for Home/Parent licences can be found at the bottom of the website under ‘Plans and Pricing’.

Using Moneyready

If you forget your password or need to reset, from the homepage, click on sign-in in the top right hand corner. Enter your registered email address and click on the reset password button which appears on the login page. This will send an e-mail to the registered e-mail account for the subscription. On receipt, click on the link contained within the e-mail to reset your password.

The Miss Moneyready blog, glossary and links and advice are all freely accessible. A valid subscription is required to access all other resources.

An annual school licence subscription covers an unlimited number of classes and students per class. An individual parent subscription covers one adult and three children.

Each module of the programme has a .pdf download for teachers detailing the learning objectives and outcomes of the module, key words, resources, approximate time to complete the module and recommended topics for further classroom discussion. Some modules incorporate resources which can be printed off for use in the classroom or at home.

If you have questions about how to use Moneyready,you will find the ‘GetHelp’ button on the website. Please submit your questions and Moneyready will endeavour to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Teachers' resources and support

Yes: Moneyready has been awarded Quality Mark accreditation by the Young Money charity. The programme has been independently reviewed and verified by Young Money to ensure that the resources are up to date and are mapped to the financial education framework.


Yes. Moneyready is divided into 3 age-appropriate programmes: 7-11 years for Primary Schools, 11-14 years for Secondary School, and 14-18 years for older Secondary School and 6th Form and College students.

Each module differs in the time it takes to complete. An estimate of the time required to complete the module is contained in the teaching materials and lesson plans which support each module.

Moneyready has been designed to minimise the need for lesson planning. The teacher’s login includes individual lesson plans for each module, detailing lesson objectives, approx. timings, resources, key words and discussion topics for further learning.

No: Moneyready has been designed to minimise the need for marking. Each module finishes with two self-marking, multiple-choice quizzes. Student results are shown automatically in the teacher’s class dashboard.

The Teacher’s dashboard details the number of logins per pupil and their time spent on the platform. It shows when modules have been completed, and gives score for the end of module quizzes.

Students have two quiz attempts. This allows for students to try and improve on the results of their first quiz attempt. Questions are different in the first and second attempt.

Each module has two end of module quizzes: one focused on the key concepts of the module, and the other on Money Maths. This recognises that financial education and capability straddles different areas of the school curriculum. The Teacher has the ability to deselect the Money Maths quiz if it is not appropriate for individual students or their area of teaching.