Poetry in motion

Did you know it was National Poetry Day earlier in the week? Poetry and rhyme can be a great way to learn and remember. Miss Moneyready took the opportunity to pen a little verse to help tackle some of the key steps to financial freedom. Enjoy!


Today is National Poetry day

In case you don’t yet know.

I thought I’d share my money thoughts

In rhyme; let’s have a go!


First start with paying debt down

Relieve the stress and strain

Shake off the sharks, cut up the cards

No more financial drain


Next up, let’s build our savings

For a future rainy day

When times are tight and bills pile high

A fund can really pay


Want to earn free money?

A pension’s where to go

Start young, opt-in, top up, sit back

And watch your pension grow


What about investing?

It looks risky to me.

A long-term, low cost fund approach

To growing wealth is key.


I hope you like my poem

You know just what to do

So like Miss Moneyready

You can master money too!


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