From June 15th, charity shops in England have been able to open their doors once more. This couldn’t come soon enough for many charities, who have seen a catastrophic drop in income since lockdown began, vital income to support their essential work. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before all 11, 000 charity shops in the UK are open for business once more.


One positive to come from lockdown has been putting time at home to good use enjoying a long overdue clear-out. Outgrown toys, clothes and well-read books are now piled high and waiting to find a new home. It’s good to give and great news that charity shops will be back up and running, but give a little thought to giving, and consider resisting the urge to purge donations on opening day.


Like many businesses, charity shops will have to develop new practices and procedures in the new world of social distancing, and that includes dealing with donations. All donations will be required to be quarantined for 72 hours before being made available for sale, to minimise the risk of any trace of the virus. Most changing rooms will be closed to keep them clean and virus free.


Some charities are gearing up to hit the ground running, setting up specific donation stations and investing in wheelie bins to aid collection. “It’s the thought that counts” is an expression oft-heard when it comes to gifting, and so with giving and donating, be thoughtful about the types of donations you make, and if possible contact the store in advance to ensure they are ready and able to accept donations.


The good news is that some things never change, and that charities can continue to benefit from gift aid on donations. Gift Aid allows charities to claim 25p on every £1 of donations at no cost to you, so don’t forget to sign-up to boost your donations.


Whether donating, volunteering or spending, it will be a welcome sight to many High Streets to see charity shops opening their doors once more. It’s good to give x